RRB NTPC Admit Card 2019

RRB NTPC Admit Card 2019: आरआरबी एनटीपीसी भर्ती परीक्षा (नॉन टेक्निकल पॉपुलर पोस्ट) के एडमिट कार्ड जल्द जारी होने वाले हैं। एडमिट कार्ड रेलवे की वेबसाइट http://www.rrbcdg.gov.in/ पर जारी किए जाएंगे। इसके अलावा आरआरबी की दूसरी रीजनल वेबसाइट पर भी एडमिट कार्ड जारी किए जाएंगे। लेकिन एडमिट कार्ड डाउनलोड करने से पहले एप्लीकेशन का स्टेट्स देख लें। इस बात को जरूर देख लें कि आपकी एप्लीकेशन स्वीकार की गई है या नहीं। इससे पहले रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड की 1937 पैरामेडिकल पदों पर भर्ती की परीक्षा 19 जुलाई से 21 जुलाई के बीच सफलतापूर्वक आयोजित की।

35208 भर्ती के नोटिफिकेशन के मुताबिक परीक्षा जून से सिंतबर के बीच आयोजित की जानी थी। लेकिन जून का माह बीत चुका है। जाहिर है कि एग्जाम जुलाई-अगस्त से आयोजित होंगे।

जल्द ही RRB NTPC Exam Dates व RRB NTPC Exam schedule जारी किया जाएगा। RRB NTPC Admit Card Download करने की तिथि भी जारी होगी।

इस वर्ष फरवरी मार्च में निकली एनटीपीसी भर्तियों के लिए देशभर के सभी 21 आरआरबी की ओर से संयुक्त तौर पर ग्रेजुएट और अंडर ग्रेजुएट के एक दर्जन से अधिक पदों के लिए आवेदन लिये गये हैं। आरआरबी की ओर से लगभग 35 हजार पदों के लिए आवेदन मांगे गये थे। रेलवे के पदाधिकारियों की मानें तो 35 हजार पदों के लिए देशभर से लगभग एक करोड़ 47 लाख परीक्षार्थियों ने आवेदन किये हैं। इनमें बिहार से लगभग 10 लाख परीक्षार्थियों ने अलग-अलग आरआरबी के माध्यम से आवेदन भरे हैं। रेलवे के अधिकारियों की मानें तो अगस्त या सितम्बर से परीक्षाओं का दौर शुरू होगा।

अंडर ग्रेजुएट : इन पदों के लिए होगी परीक्षा
पद सीट
जूनियर क्लर्क कम टाइपिस्ट 4319
एकाउंट क्लर्क कम टाइपिस्ट 760
जूनियर टाइपकीपर 17
ट्रेन क्लर्क 592
कॉमर्शियल कम टिकट क्लर्क 4940
कुल 10628

RRB NTPC Admit Card : जल्द आ सकते हैं एडमिट कार्ड, पढ़ें एग्जाम पैटर्न
ग्रेजुएट: इन पदों के लिए होगी परीक्षा

पद सीट
ट्रैफिक असिसटेंट 88
गुड्स गार्ड 5748
सीनियर कॉमर्शियल क्लर्क कम टाइपिस्ट 5638
सीनियर क्लर्क कम टाइपिस्ट 2873
जूनियर एकाउंट असिसटेंट कम टाइपिस्ट 3164
सीनियर टाइमकीपर 14
कॉमर्शियल अप्रेंटिस 259
स्टेशन मास्टर 6865
कुल 24649

How To Use SEMrush

Have you been searching for AN SEO tool that enables you to do keyword analysis, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, check challenger ranks, and most significantly, do a whole SEO audit of your blog?

If yes, then let Maine introduce you to 1 tool that I actually have in person been mistreatment for over seven years and is trustworthy by several skilled bloggers and SEO agencies. The tool I’m talking concerning is SEMrush.

I get asked this question a lot:

“Should I begin mistreatment SEMrush?”
I will answer this question in my review, however before that, let Maine provide you with some details concerning my SEMrush expertise.

Quick background:

You can skip this section however it makes a crucial points for self created SEO’s.

When ShoutMeLoud got hit by Google Panda 2019 core algorithmic program update, I had to utterly amendment the manner i used to be approaching to my SEO strategy. i noticed that rather than simply writing content that readers wanted, I had to create positive my content was conjointly wanted by search engines!

This is after I started learning a lot of and a lot of concerning computer programme optimisation and link building.

I managed to recover ShoutMeLoud from Panda, and within the method, I learned the importance of knowledge driven SEO.

I required to raise myself what I had done that may have caused Google algorithmic program to hit my website thus laborious.

The answer was right there on my analytics stats board. except skinny content, I had unheeded the importance of keyword analysis.

I quickly learned that having quality content wasn’t enough! I conjointly required to create quality links, do timely audits of my site’s SEO, and concentrate to some different necessary factors.

I tried mistreatment several tools within the method (including Mangools, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and some more). whereas all of them worked well, I liked SEMrush the simplest attributable to its nice options and the way it allowed Maine to induce all of my SEO work wiped out one place.

In just one dashboard, I will get everything done. i’ll show you what I mean during a moment.

Before I move ahead with my SEMrush review, it’s necessary to allow you to apprehend that my data of SEO is self-taught through the employment of trial and error and from taking note to the most recent SEO business updates.

Note: If you browse the SEO class of ShoutMeLoud, you’ll realize the most recent info from the SEO business.
Page Contents

What is SEMrush? – A active Review
SEMRush features: a whole walkthrough
Keyword Magic tool:
Site audit:
Position following mobile app:
Why do you have to begin mistreatment the SEMrush tool right away?
SEMRush pricing: that SEMrush arrange is best for you?
What is SEMrush? – A active Review
Let’s explore what makes SEMrush such an incredible SEO tool and a favourite among various users.

SEMrush makes it very easy to search out what keyword your website (or the other site) is ranking for. In short, it makes keyword analysis a bit of cake.

Once you’re done doing all your keyword analysis, you’ll add in keywords and track their positions all told major search engines supported geographical location.

I emphasize the geographical location feature as it’s necessary for people who target specific countries like European country, the U.K, Australia, India, the U.S., etc. For a worldwide blogger, you’ll conjointly use this feature to envision however your website ranks in specific countries’ search engines.

It is a vital SEM (search engine marketing) tool that i think each serious blogger and web vendor ought to have in their SEO tool arsenal.

SEMrush could be a product from the maker of SEOQuake, a preferred SEO addon for Firefox.

At the time of this writing, SEMrush has:

more than one hundred thirty,000,000 domains and
more than 800,000,000 keywords in their info.
SEMrush can enable you to search out all of the keywords that any existing web content on the net is ranking. you’ll conjointly realize a lot of applied mathematics details relating to specific keywords and connected keywords that you’ll rank for.

Sound a bit confusing?

Here could be a screenshot which can justify my statement that SEMrush is important for all bloggers and high web marketers:

SEMRUSH Ranking summary
Let Maine walk you thru the process…

Note: you’ll use it for any website. Serious web marketers square measure inspired to undertake it with their competitors’ sites.
All i would like to try to to is add the name at the highest, and here is that the info I receive:

SEMRUSH keyword results
Let Maine justify some of the fields on this report page…

Keyword: The keyword for that specific graded page.
Pos: The keyword’s position within the such computer programme. during this example, I actually have designated Google’s North American nation info (default), however you’ll amendment it to different locations and search engines too. you’ll conjointly use the Free Keyword Monitor for verification.
Volume: variety of actual match queries for that keyword within the native search. during this example, I actually have once more used Google’s North American nation info. (This information was taken mistreatment the Google Keyword planner tool that I actually have conjointly verified the accuracy of myself.)
CPC: cost per click for the keyword.
URL: Corresponding universal resource locator to that that keyword is driving traffic.
Com: This shows the competition of advertisers for that keyword. A lower variety means that very little competition and the next variety means that larger competition for that term. (How will a quest engine selling tool be complete while not a contest check?)
Results: variety of computer programme results. (A lower variety here is best.)
Trend: this can be one column that I realize terribly fascinating. so as to search out profitable keywords, we want to create positive the traffic trend for that keyword isn’t dying. This column pulls up the search trend for that keyword over the last twelve months.
In addition to any or all of the knowledge ensuing from our search, there square measure 2 columns that, as a blogger, interest Maine the foremost.

It’s here that you just can realize the highest two hundred organic keywords for that domain and conjointly receive an in depth backlink report for any domain at the side of the link’s anchor text.

Backlink refer to SEMRUSH
For me, the foremost fascinating issue here is that the ability to search out the highest keywords driving traffic to any domain. For a heavy vendor or company, knowing a prime competitor’s keywords is that the goblet.

SEMRush features: a whole walkthrough
As i discussed earlier, SEMRush is filled with options and to create it easier for you to navigate, below I’m sharing concerning major options of SEMRush that you just ought to apprehend of.

Keyword Magic tool:
Apart from the Keyword analysis technique, I shared on top of, you’ll invariably use the traditional manner of researching keywords mistreatment SEMRush keyword magic tool.

You will quickly get metrics like search volume, keyword issue, competitive density, SERP options, cost-per-click information. Do strive the connected feature of Keyword magic tool, that helps you discover keywords that you just might need lost otherwise.

Once you have got designated the keywords you would like to figure with, you’ll then move these keywords to Keyword instrument tool. the automated clustering and seed keyword feature can assist you group the cluster of keywords that you just picked in stage one.

Do concentrate to click potential column, because it helps you to grasp what percentage clicks you’ll expect for your target keyword when ranking for #1. This step saves loads of overhead as you progress ahead with content production.

Site audit:
This is ANother widespread feature of SEMRush that is idle for your own sites or if you’re an SEO agency, you’ll run and make a white label report for your shoppers. For rising the technical SEO of your web site, one {site|website|web website} audit might doubtless reveal a embarrassment of SEO changes you’ll build on the target site to enhance the rank considerably.

You have the choice to run AN SEO website audit for desktop or for mobile one by one. each report is exported in .pdf or stand out format for your SEO team to require action on.

Position following mobile app:
SEMRush conjointly includes a mobile app which can allow you to read your keyword position from the comfort of your mobile app. this can be another feature that I haven’t found in the other SEO suite nevertheless.

The app is presently accessible for automaton and iOS version starting up shortly.

So back to the initial question:

“Should I begin mistreatment SEMrush?”
My answer:

Why do you have to begin mistreatment the SEMrush tool right away?
As bloggers, we tend to work day and night to jot down posts hoping to extend the quantity of traffic coming back into our journal. however we regularly don’t focus enough on however we’re generating that traffic. If you check your analytics, you’ll notice that solely some of your journal posts square measure tributary all of the traffic to your journal.

But once mistreatment the SEMrush SEO tool, you’ll realize keywords that square measure driving traffic to your competitor’s web site and you’ll write quality content primarily based around those keywords. this can assist you get a higher position certainly target keywords in your niche.

If you would like to undertake it out and see however well it will work for you, they provide a free 14-day trial.

SEMRush pricing: that SEMrush arrange is best for you?
SEMRush offers multiple plans for the various use cases, and you’ll choose the one you’d wish to start with.

Pro plan
Guru plan
Business arrange
Enterprise arrange

SEMrush works best with the professional account if you’re a private (as you’ll get a whole report), except for a beginner United Nations agency is new computer programme selling (SEM) analysis, you’ll invariably begin with the free trial.

For Agencies, the Guru arrange offers all bells and whistles like Branded PDF reports.

Once you’re aware of its varied options, you’ll upgrade to the professional account to induce a whole, elaborated analysis of any web site (like yours and your competitor’s).

Sign up here: Free SEMrush trial account

Note: you’ll anytime upgrade or downgrade a concept.

I hope this SEMrush review has helped you to grasp the good thing about this impressive computer programme selling tool. invariably keep in mind, SEMrush (or the other SEM tool) is helpful for analysis and analysis, however at the top of the day, it’s your laborious, smart, and quality work that ultimately puts you at the highest.

Have you used SEMrush before? How’s your expertise been mistreatment it to supercharge your website’s SEO? allow us to apprehend within the comments!

Do you apprehend somebody United Nations agency will enjoy this glorious tool? Share this review with them on Facebook SEO cluster, Twitter, or Linkedin!

Best Keyword Finding Tools

But you don’t got to try this. simply follow this guide…

The keywords you decide on to specialise in for your computer program improvement (SEO) efforts square measure crucial to the success of your website’s rank.

Choosing the proper keywords isn’t invariably simple or intuitive and you wish a great deal of information to grasp whether or not a given keyword can work for you.

If you’re fully new keyword analysis tools and also the method of keyword analysis, here square measure some guides from the past which is able to assist you perceive the basics:

Importance of Keywords in SEO
Google Keyword planner guide
So currently you recognize the fundamentals of keyword analysis associated you’ve got an understanding of however valuable it may be.

Fortunately, there square measure several tools on the market which will assist you decipher that keywords work the simplest for your overall internet strategy. There square measure principally 2 sorts of Keyword analysis tool:

Basic Keyword research: Use the seed Keyword to search out profitable Keywords
Competitor based mostly Keyword research: realize proved keywords that square measure serving to alternative sites to drive traffic.
Personally, I realize contender based mostly Keyword analysis to be more practical because the purpose of the Keyword analysis is to search out profitable Keywords. What may well be additional profitable than one thing that is already operating for someone?

All you wish to try and do at the moment is to form a page targeting that profitable keyword & reap the good thing about keyword analysis.

In this exclusive guide, I actually have lined each the kind of Keywords. Most of those keyword analysis tools square measure paid and solely a number of of them square measure free.

Here square measure the list of tools listed below:

Google Keyword Planner
SEMRUSH (Have given a link below to do SEMRUSH price $199)
Ahrefs (Offers seven days trial for $7)
KWFinder (Have a free arrange as well)
Best Keyword analysis Tools: 2019 edition

“What is that the best keyword analysis tool for a blogger?”

The answer:

SEMRUSH isn’t a typical keyword analysis tool; it offers most over simply researching keywords.

Unlike alternative tools wherever you wish to feature seed keywords to begin your analysis, here you simply got to add your universal resource locator (or your competitor’s URL) and it’ll show you all of the keywords that square measure ranking for that website.

This makes it easier for you to search out short-tail and long-tail keywords that you simply will target and beat out your competition.

you’ll get in-depth details on:

Traffic stats
Search engine reports
Adsense CPC
and so several alternative details that you simply want in properly managing associate SEO campaign.
This is a extremely suggested product.

You can browse an in depth review of SEMRUSH here.
Grab 14-day (completely free) trial of SEMRUSH here

2. Ahrefs Keyword adventurer tool

Ahrefs is one among the foremost well-liked keyword tools out there.

What i actually like regarding them is in depth detail as well as the keyword problem. Ahrefs uses clickstream knowledge to additionally show what percentage clicks you may get from the computer program. this is often terribly helpful when information graph integration, as several keywords could have vast traffic however they hardly get any clicks from the computer program. Reason being, they get answers directly from the Google search result. Example of 1 such question is: “birthdate of any celebrity”

Another factor that makes Ahrefs Keyword analysis tool stand out is that the nice UI of information they supply. you’ll additionally produce a listing of keywords to focus on directly from Ahrefs dashboard. You don’t got to use surpass an enormous time saving.

Take seven days free trial of Ahrefs for $7

3. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is one among the foremost used and well-liked keyword analysis tools out there.

The only reason for it being thus well-liked is it’s free and is directly integrated with Google AdWords.

To start victimization this tool you wish to possess associate AdWords account (which you’ll produce one for free).

Features: the most important feature of the Keyword Planner tool is that the deep info it offers on Google (the largest search engine).
Limitations: In some ways that, that’s additionally a limitation. If you would like to grasp however your website or a given keyword is doing on alternative search engines, you won’t get the picture here.
Pricing: liberal to use.
The Keyword Planner tool may be a smart, basic tool for the first stages of a website’s SEO.

This my favorite free tool, however if you wish additional careful and competitive analysis, i might suggest going for one among the advanced tools that I actually have listed below.

explore Google AdWords Keyword Planner here

4. KW finder:

If you’re trying to find one tool that is totally dedicated to Keyword analysis solely, KWFinder is your best bet. they’re new within the market however they’re one among the quickest growing SEO tool company.

KWFinder helps you get the Keyword which will assist you drive extremely targeted traffic. victimization queries based mostly Keyword analysis choice you’ll quickly realize long tail keywords that square measure associated with problem-solving. It’s no brainer that problem-solving content helps America get additional targeted traffic & conversion.

KWFinder offers each free & paid plans. for many of the users, basic arrange is that the best.

However, do use the free account to check the effectiveness of KWFinder keyword analysis app.

Grab free KWFinder account

5. LongTailPro

LongTailPro may be a cloud-based software package for keyword analysis and one among the foremost well-liked during this list.

This is a paid keyword analysis tool which is able to assist you realize superb keywords for your niche/micro-niche sites. With their “platinum” version, you’ll get extremely|a very|a extremely} superb and really careful keyword analysis feature.

They even have a contest checker, which is able to build it easier for you to choose the proper keyword.

You can see an in depth review of LongTailPro here.

Get $30 off on LongtailPro

6. SpyFu

SpyFu is one among the simplest SEO improvement software package product on the market. It’s particularly helpful if you’re attempting to research and keep prior the competition in an exceedingly tight niche.

Spyfu Keyword analysis Tools
Here’s what you wish to grasp regarding this one:

Uses: SpyFu is very helpful for 2 necessary reasons.
Understanding your competition’s SEO platform.
Discovering under-served, un-tapped, or rising markets.
Features: SpyFu additionally has many modules.
Compare Websites module
Keyword History module
Domain History module
Related Keywords module
Limitations: This program doesn’t have the depth of keywords that some competitors do, though this is often dynamic . Also, the information for SpyFu is monthly, instead of time period.
Pricing: SpyFu offers 2 basic rating arranges likewise as associate “Agency” plan.
The basic plans square measure $79 and $99 per month (with a reduction of over four-hundredth if you get a 1 year term).
The “Agency” rating is $999 per month.