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Health Tips: These 3 dry fruits will reduce diabetes, get relief

Diabetes (diabetes) is becoming a big problem nowadays because a large population of the country has become a victim of it. Indeed, stress, poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits increase the sugar levels in the blood of the body, that is because the body becomes insulin stopped. To get relief from diabetes, people continue to take medicines […]

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Effective treatment of bran cancer from fish will be possible

A new research has shown that such types of fish which do not have jaws, they contain a type of chemical through which anti-cancer drugs can be delivered directly to brain tumors. This research has been published in the Science Advance magazine. Treatment will also be of other disorders: Research has found that molecules found in […]

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Due to the help of these tips, the risk of skin cancer

Figures show that compared to women in Indian men, cases of skin cancer are about 70 percent higher. It is one of the most common types of cancers worldwide and can occur regularly without sunlight. Skin cancer occurs when uncontrolled growth of unnatural skin cells or tissues occurs. Due to this, it is due to genetic factors, exposure […]

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Most diabetics are unaware of their condition, keep such care

According to the World Health Organization, about 6.2 million people in India have diabetes problems. This number is estimated to increase to 7 million by 2025. However, (15-49 years old) most people of the age group are unaware that they have diabetes and such condition is more dangerous. Diabetes, which is called lifestyle disease, is a huge public […]

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In 80% of cases, the heat gives the body before stroke

People have different myths about heat stroke. These myths sometimes interfere with avoiding Heat Stroke or facing it. In this case, information about it becomes necessary. Graphical information about many such myths Myth: Always the warning signs appear before the heat stroke. Reality: In 80 percent cases, there are clear signs of heat stroke, such as gulp, excessive […]

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