Due to the help of these tips, the risk of skin cancer
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Due to the help of these tips, the risk of skin cancer

Figures show that compared to women in Indian men, cases of skin cancer are about 70 percent higher. It is one of the most common types of cancers worldwide and can occur regularly without sunlight. Skin cancer occurs when uncontrolled growth of unnatural skin cells or tissues occurs. Due to this, it is due to genetic factors, exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Although melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer, and it is also the cause of most deaths due to this condition. Most skin cancer can be easily prevented by sun protection measures.

Talking about this, Padma Shri Avardi, Dr. K.K. Agarwal, President of HCFI, said, “Melanoma is one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer and it develops in melanocytes or pigment cells present in the skin. It can spread to other parts of the body (metastasis) and cause serious illness and death. ABCDE rule can be used to identify Melanoma’s signals – A symmetry – Part of a sesame or birthmark is not matched with another, B sequence – irregular, jagged, pointed or blurred on the edges, the color – all of these But it can include brown or black shades, sometimes with pink, red, white or blue patches, D diameter – the spot is bigger than one quarter inch – a pencil eraser About the size of the e-development – sesame size or color. ”

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Some suggestions of HCFI
1. Avoid sun in the daytime. Schedule other activities for other times of the day, even in the winter or in the sky when the sky is cloudy. Clouds provide little protection from harmful rays. Avoiding the sun is the best solution, it helps you avoid sunburn and suntains that damage the skin and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

2. Apply sunscreen throughout the year. Sunscreen does not filter all the harmful UV radiation, especially radiation that can cause melanoma, but they provide holistic sun protection. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 15 SPFs.

3. Wear protective clothing. Cover your skin with dark, tightly woven clothes, which cover your arms and feet and have a wider hat, which provides more protection than a baseball cap.

4. An alternative to sunglasses that prevents both types of UV radiation – UVA and UVB rays.

5. Avoid tanning beds. Tanning beds emit UV rays and your skin can increase the risk of cancer.

6. Get acquainted with your skin so that you notice changes. Regularly increase the skin’s skin or check changes in existing moles, freelocks, bumps and birthmarks.

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