Effective treatment of bran cancer from fish will be possible
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Effective treatment of bran cancer from fish will be possible

A new research has shown that such types of fish which do not have jaws, they contain a type of chemical through which anti-cancer drugs can be delivered directly to brain tumors. This research has been published in the Science Advance magazine.

Treatment will also be of other disorders: Research has found that molecules found in the resistant system of parasitic C lamepter may be combined with other treatments and other types of disorders such as ‘multipilicularis’ Alzheimer’s and ‘trauma treatment’ It is possible. Eric Shuista, professor of Madison-Wisconsin University of America, says, “In many situations, it can be used as the basic technology.” Researchers say that when medicines are given through injection, many medicines do not reach the targeted part of the brain as blood-brain obstruction prevents large molecules from going. In conditions such as brain cancer, trauma, they become porous in the area of ​​blocking disease.

London. The use of antibiotic can increase the risk of nerves being damaged. One study has found that antibiotic is taken to treat respiratory tract and urinary tract infections. But their intake can increase the risk of severe and permanently suffering of the patient’s nerves by almost 50%. Scientists of the UK’s Dundee University analyzed data related to people with 13 million people.

Mumbai. The well-known playback singer Asha Bhosle has sung an item number for item girl Rakhi Sawant. Asha has sung this song for the film ‘Kashmir: Section 370’. The specialty of the song is that after listening to it, you will surely remember the movie Kabaddi’s superhit song ‘Layla I Laila’. It has been written using Arabic, a little Urdu-Persian and the rest of the Hindustani language.

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