Diabetes does not make the kidney ill, better treatment than treatment
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Diabetes does not make the kidney ill, better treatment than treatment

Unhealthy lifestyle is promoting all diseases. In this case, chronic kidney disease, ie CKD, is emerging as a major health problem, for which diabetes is being called a major cause. Information about this cause and defense

A healthy lifestyle is a necessary
healthy lifestyle, keeping our body’s metabolism balanced and controlling the weight. Even with such a suitable diet, you can avoid illness, in which the amount of protein is reduced. Usage of non-vegetarian food is extremely low because the amount of protein in non-vegetarian food is high. Salt should be used less. Excessive use of painkillers should be avoided, because it increases kidney complications. Excessive use of painkillers can further increase kidney complications.

Better healing than treatment is better than
hedge cure. To avoid chronic kidney disease, reduce the use of salt and drink enough water. Avoid use of indigenous drugs, maintain strict control over diabetes and hypertension, quit smoking, and try to avoid over-the-counter medications, especially painkillers.

There is no sign of regular health check-up if people suffering from diabetes have kidney problems. If you are suffering from diabetes, continue to check your kidney health regularly. Some common tests such as micro-albuminuria and serum creatinin can be detected by kidney disease. High blood pressure in young people (below 35 years of age), swelling in the legs, etc. may be some symptoms of kidney disease. Kidney failure occurs when this organ works less than 15 percent compared to normal.

What is the treatment
if you are a patient of Chronic Kidney Disease, then be serious about your treatment.

Controls on Blood Glucose
If you are suffering from diabetes, then you should fully control your blood sugar level. It is very important that you keep your glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c under seven percent. You can check HbA1c by doing a simple blood test, which tells the average glucose level for the last three months. The higher your HbA1c number in the last three months, the higher your blood glucose level will be. In this way, the risk of kidney damage is increased.

Normal blood pressure
blood pressure is the pressure of blood on your nerves. Another way to stay away from kidney disease is to control blood pressure. It is advisable to keep your blood pressure at 130/80 or 120/80. If you have high blood pressure your kidney filter is damaged. In this way renal may be kidney failure.

Dialysis From
regular dialysis, their health is well maintained by taking extra water and garbage out of the body of such patients. Those patients who can not afford expensive cost of dialysis, they can take advantage of the Government’s Prime Minister National Dialysis Program.
(Based on the conversation with Dr. Sanjeev Gulati, Director of Nephrology Department of Fortis Hospital located in Vasant Vihar)

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